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Just Fur Kicks annual con prep announcements

I figured I’d post this here then after work make the same announcement on FA.

Just Fur Kicks will be attending Otakon 2014 as an artist again!

We will be bringing all kinds of furry goodies to the convention and some heads too! We will label them as otakon items but if they don’t sell they will be for sale after the convention.

Now, some of you know I work a full time job on top of JFK work. Normally I am able to take off of work an entire week before the convention to really prep. This is not happening this year due to my own health problems forcing me to use my saved leave.

That means commission progress will be haulted from July 19th through August 10th. This weekend I will be completing a set of Dragon feet for a commissioner then that will be it until after the convention as I need time to prep.

We only attend 2 conventions a year and I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. I currently only have 3 paid orders one is 80% finished. If you are some one attending otakon and on the list to be completed do let me know if you wanted the item for the convention.

Thank you for your cooperation with this as we prepare for our last show for this year.


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