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Anonymous asked:

What material do you use to cover the holes where you see from? I have tried to use a various materials but none of them work and you can still see the person thats enside the fursuit head D:



Dear anon: we use a material called chiffon or pet mesh. Both can be found on line or at joanns craft stores. -lhiver

Also buckram which can be bought at any michael’s or similar craft store!

I agree also about buckram :)


i don’t want to say idiocy, but the ignorance of some people is astounding to me when it comes to fursuit pricing. okay, i could say idiocy. you’re a dumbass if you look at a beautiful resin head and say, “i’ll give you $60 for it!!!!!!!!!11 :))))))))))))))))”, which believe it or not, i’ve seen….

This has personally happened to me on many occasions. :/

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