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Since I just got this dude I should suppose I should talk about the people I got him from and my over all experience. 

I bought him from Just Fur Kicks, on their Etsy. The price was a steal, and I didn’t even realize how much of a steal until I received him. The craftsmanship is incredible. He’s very sturdy and I have little worries about wear and tear on him. The people at JFK were very polite, and very punctual, at answering all of my questions before and after buying him. They even sent me a list of the (EXTREMELY high quality) fur they used, for future reference. 

He has a moving jaw, LED lights, and hand sewn/lightly spray painted markings. He’s surprisingly light for his size and easy to get on and off. The most surprised thing about him, however, is that the people over at JFK, were kind enough to send me not only a balaclava, but a generously sized bag of foam scraps to custom fit him. I did not know they were going to do this, and was very pleasantly surprised.

At the moment the jaw doesn’t work too well, however it’s clear the reason is only due to my lack of practice wearing him, and me having not custom foamed him yet. 

They shipped him in a very secure, well cushioned box. The shpping was timely as well.

Over all, I highly suggest you check Just Fur Kicks out. This was a 10/10 experience.

I will have better pictures of this head around Halloween time, when I get to wear him around town and the capitol! 

This is so wonderful to hear! I always worry about how customers feel about our work and the way we package our items. It was a pleasure to work with you as well. I hope tba you enjoy him as much as I did making him. If you need help padding the inside of his head there is a video on YouTube in our channel about how to do it :) if you need anything else just let us know! Thanks for your business!


three-eyed-hyena asked:

Hello! I just received the Japanese Sergal head, and after a thorough look through, I am very impressed! However, I was wondering where the switch for the LED capabilities are?

Ah I hid it too well! It’s on top of the head. If you need a reference please see the YouTube videos on him the battery pack area is shown there. There should be batteries in there too!

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